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Spherical concentrator
Spherical concentrator


Spherical concentrator
Detailed description

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The spherical concentrator is mainly composed of four parts: the main concentrator, the condenser, the separator, and the recovery tank. It can be used for the concentration, distillation and recovery of organic solvents in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Due to the reduced pressure concentration, the concentration time is short and the effective ingredients of heat-sensitive materials will not be destroyed. The parts of the equipment in contact with materials are made of excellent stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, is durable and meets GMP requirements.


Adopt the structure of inner cylinder and outer cover, and filled with heat preservation material in the middle.

The materials are all sanitary stainless steel.

The structure design is very humane, and it can be operated.

The transition section of the inner wall of the cylinder adopts arc transition to ensure sanitation and no dead corners.


Jar structure:

1. Concentrator main tank

Vacuum device

ABB or Siemens motor

Quick opening hole

Various types of CIP cleaners

Anti-fly and insect sanitary breathable cover

Adjustable triangle legs

Detachable feed tube kit

Steam material outlet

Thermometer (can be configured according to the requirements of each household)

Ladder (according to customer requirements) vertical agitator (can be configured according to customer requirements paddle type or frame type)


2. Condenser

Material listing

Cooling water inlet and outlet device


3. Separator


4. Recycling tank


Material export


Other configuration:

Vacuum pump

Water pump